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You spot a cave entrance in the distance.

Setting your ship down on an alien planet, you grab your pickaxe and blaster with a gleam in your eye. What nefarious obstacles and challenging foes will stand before you and the mountains of treasure you know are hidden within?

Step forward, fire up your jetpack and enter, the XENOCAVE.

That's right -- there's no princess or world to save, no clichéd plot. As an explorer and archaeologist, curiosity and the will to overcome great odds are all the motivation you need!

XENOCAVE is a retro-styled, scrolling platformer that elevates the genre with a unique fusion of ability and fine-tuned mechanics inspired by the classics. Specifically, imagine an amalgam of Mario's fluid controls, the double-jump and rapid-fire of Ghosts 'n Goblins, and the themes of Crystal Caves.


  • Infinite continues / lives
  • Quick respawn -- jump right back into action if you slip up
  • Unlimited time (no level timer)
  • Secrets to discover (hidden items, warps, and collectibles)
  • Action-based puzzles throughout
  • Freedom to play levels out of order using the Stage Select screen and hidden warps
  • Both horizontal and vertical (tower) levels, adding variety to the challenge
  • Levels designed for speed-running
  • Occasional randomized enemy behaviour for added replayability


  • Double jump (jetpack, with variable height control based on press)
  • Mid-air control (no commitment arc, like in Ghosts 'n Goblins or the NES Castlevania)
  • Wall jumping / sliding for navigating tricky obstacles
  • A fast, powerful melee attack with your pickaxe
  • Use the pickaxe to tunnel through blocks and objects containing items
  • Ranged attack with your semi-auto laser blaster
  • Upgrade blaster to full auto + increased damage with powerup


  • Find all gems to unlock the level exit door
  • Use regular and timed switches to control barriers / platforms that lead to the exit door
  • Some barriers are controlled by large enemies you must defeat to open
  • Collect a series of gold idols (hidden throughout the stages) to unlock the final level, an ancient alien crypt -- a royal tomb containing great treasure
  • Currently, there are 21 levels to beat, ranging in difficulty from medium to very hard

I would like to make updates to the game (more levels, enemies, artwork, etc.), but only if there's enough interest, so please, drop a message on the discussion board letting me know what improvements and additions you'd like to see to make it great! XENOCAVE is all about alien worlds with carefully crafted challenges and infinite possibilities. Let's explore that vast unknown together.


Please make sure to use a xbox 360 controller or equivalent -- it is not intended to be played by keyboard at this time.


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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